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Al-Quran Clinin 1-on-1 Quran Recitation with Ustaz/Ustazah

  • Adults and teens
  • Beginners or intermediate
  • Friday afternoons (ladies only)
  • Saturday afternoons (for all
  • 30 minutes per session

Fahami Bacaan Dalam Solat (FBDS)

This is a spiritual course by AtTartil. An effective methodology of Understanding Recitation In Solat emphasises on beauty language structure and fundamentals act in solat this program has benefited more than ten thousand participants, both local and from abroad.

The course is conducted in English & Malay

Quranic Language Made Easy (QLME)

A well structured programme in learning Quranic language using Quranic Language Made Easy book & Mindmapping technique. Students are introduced to basic elements of Nahu, Soraf, Balaghah, Tafsir, Tadabbur. This programme will have a spiritual touch on the messages & reminders in the book of Allah as the lesson moves up each level.

The course is conducted in English & Malay

Quranic Recitation Mastery (QRM)

Initially known as Celik Al Quran, this course has been updated, with a focus on guiding participants in quranic recitation, from the most basic level to a level of competence that will enable them to teach their own families.

This modular program offers a structured curriculum taught by a team of highly dedicated teachers.

AlQuran Teacher’s Course

It has been more than 10 years since  AtTartil began developing non-readers among the community to become certified AlQuran teachers. The number of teachers successfully trained by Attartil, currently stands at more than 100.

Program Intensif Calon Guru AlQuran Singapura – Intake 1

Journey Of The Heart

A  program meant to be a continuation from FBDS / URIS, ‘Journey of the Heart’ allows participants to experience a spiritual journey and appreciate the basic language of AlQuran. This is achieved through a word-by-word analysis, highlighting the beauty of the Quranic sentence structures. More importantly, the reminders and the wisdom of each ayah often move participants to tears. The main 3 surah we will focus is Surah Yassin, Surah Lazim & Surah Al-Mulk.

The course is conducted in English & Malay

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Past Programs

We have run lots of programs for the past 13 years. We truly appreciate your support in making this a success.

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