Enhancing Quranic Literacy

Grooming readers to be teachers & Appreciating the language of AlQuran

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AlQuran Literacy

At Attartil, We strive to eradicate illiteracy of Al’Quran and the language of Al’Quran (Arabic).

We aim to guide students to be Al’Quran literate and eventually able to teach others.

Based on Surah AlFurqan Verse 30 “And the messenger saith: O my Lord! Truely my people took this Qur’an for just foolish nonsense.”and Surah Muhammad verse 7 “O ye who believe! If you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm.

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About Us

Attartil CS was founded by Ustaz Zulkiflee Bin Bachik in Singapore in 2007 ,it is also one of the branch network of Al Tartil, Centre, Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia. With our mission of ” Eradicating Al Qurán Illiteracy as to understand the AlQur’an” we envision every Muslims can read, understand and practice the contents of holy Quran. Attartil Cs also aspire to groom non-readers of AlQurán to be leaners and teachers of AlQurán.

OUR Vision

AtTartil was officially set up in 2008 with the vision “Enhancing Quranic Literacy – Appreciating & Understanding the language of AlQuran”.

From its launch, it has been Attartil’s goal to groom non-readers of AlQuran to eventually become certified teachers, with great emphasis placed for them to ponder on the reminders from the holy text.

Since then, its pool of followers and students has increased, even with minimum marketing strategy on its services and courses. Attartil’s student base grew by ‘ word-of-mouth’ , with many students sharing their unique journeys and learning experiences among family and friends.

One will never know and appreciate until he personally be part of AtTartil’ family of students

Umrah Sirah Bumi Wahyu

In partnership with Syukran Travel, we have thoughtfully curated Umrah travel packages that offer a profound journey through Islamic history and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Sirah). These packages are designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Al-Quran’s teachings. Guided by the esteemed Ustaz Zul, travelers will embark on a memorable spiritual exploration that transcends the ordinary Umrah experience. It’s an opportunity to connect with the divine, immerse in the historical context, and create lasting memories that will enrich your faith and remain with you forever. With Syukran Travel and our dedicated team, you are assured an Umrah journey that is both enlightening and truly unforgettable.

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