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Amazed By The Quran


Introducing the “Amazed by the Quran” Course 2023 – Your Journey of Discovery!

Unlock the treasures of the Quran with the Ust Zulkiflee Bachik Amazed by the Quran Course 2023. This immersive course is designed to take you on a transformative journey through the profound teachings of the Quran, providing you with both video lessons and comprehensive course materials.

📚 What’s Included: 🎥 Video Lessons: Engage with Ust Zulkiflee Bachik’s insightful video lessons that break down the Quran’s wisdom in simple, relatable terms. Let his engaging teaching style captivate your understanding. 📖 Course Materials: Delve deeper into the Quranic verses with carefully curated course materials. These resources will aid your exploration and ensure you grasp the profound messages within the text. 🌟 Transformational Insights: Gain a new perspective on life as you unravel the Quran’s timeless teachings. Let it inspire you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with a heart full of wisdom.

The course is conducted in Malay

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